Plants for Shaded areas

IRRIGATION. Many parkways are mere strips. If the area is less than 10 feet wide, you should not be using spray irrigation because it is too difficult to keep water off the street or sidewalk when they are in use. Consider hand watering or connecting your parkway to the closest drip irrigation line in the front yard. If your front yard and parkway are sharing irrigation, make sure your plants in both sections have similar water and sun needs.

Landscaping with Rocks

Garden like a pro When professionals transform a garden, they work differently than most home gardeners. Why? They can’t afford to fail, so follow their lead for success. PLANT only in the cooler, wetter season (Fall through Spring). LA climate-adapted plants, especially the natives, are much happier if you plant them between November and March. This gets them settled and watered by the rains before the summer heat convinces them to take a summer siesta. CHANGE one section at a time, but plan to tackle it all eventually. Home gardeners often haphazardly add a plant here and there, and end up mixing together plants with different needs. Instead, pick one section (or more) of your garden that you can completely remodel. After your whole garden is converted, and growing, you can fill in a few plants here and there every Winter.

Drought Tolerant Garden

What is a drought tolerant garden?

It’s a garden filled with plants that can get by on rainfall alone. When these plants are properly grouped according to soil, water and sunlight needs, they don’t require any extra water.

Sure, you say, that works in Pennsylvania, or Florida, or Oregon where it rains all the time. But this is Los Angeles County! We water here.
We don’t have to irrigate. And we might not always be able to. Fresh water is a valuable resource and our local supply is not being replenished.
We bring in most of our water from other places, and the cost of that is very expensive. We currently use at least half of our drinking water to irrigate our lawns and gardens. By making our gardens more climate appropriate, we can have beautiful, lush gardens full of flowers, herbs, fruit, even grass and meadows, at a fraction of the water cost. We can enjoy our amazing climate and outdoor lifestyle, and spend less time and money taking care of our gardens. It’s not difficult, but it does require some time and some work to transform your landscape into a drought tolerant garden.


Landscaping & Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for any home. It is important to maintain balance between personality and the functionality of the room when it comes to lighting the living room. One can transform the entire atmosphere of their back yard within the proper use of lighting. One should remember that lighting not only has aesthetic and mood enhancing values, but play an important functional role in illuminating important task areas in the back yard.

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