Drought Tolerant Garden

What is a drought tolerant garden?

It’s a garden filled with plants that can get by on rainfall alone. When these plants are properly grouped according to soil, water and sunlight needs, they don’t require any extra water.

Sure, you say, that works in Pennsylvania, or Florida, or Oregon where it rains all the time. But this is Los Angeles County! We water here.
We don’t have to irrigate. And we might not always be able to. Fresh water is a valuable resource and our local supply is not being replenished.
We bring in most of our water from other places, and the cost of that is very expensive. We currently use at least half of our drinking water to irrigate our lawns and gardens. By making our gardens more climate appropriate, we can have beautiful, lush gardens full of flowers, herbs, fruit, even grass and meadows, at a fraction of the water cost. We can enjoy our amazing climate and outdoor lifestyle, and spend less time and money taking care of our gardens. It’s not difficult, but it does require some time and some work to transform your landscape into a drought tolerant garden.


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